Providers have the Power to Provide a Customer Service Experience Patients are Looking For

patient-physician-surveyHowell Consulting Group is committed to doing health care differently.

The provider-patient relationship continues to be a cornerstone of healthcare.  From the time the patient walks through the doors to the time the patient exits the building, there should be a satisfactory experience for both the patient and the provider. There’s an old adage that still rings true – your first impressions are lasting ones. Founder and President of Howell Consulting Group, Dominique Bryant-Howell, states “if a patient comes into your facility for service and he/she is not greeted with a smile, and the hospital representative does not treat him/her with the level of respect that he/she deserves, that impression could very well affect the rest of the patient’s visit.” In addition, patients should feel comfortable communicating with their physician as well as thinking of their relationship as a partnership, once the patient is fully educated and aware of the nature of their condition and the potential costs of services. Providers have the power to render a customer service experience that patients are looking for. Howell Consulting Group is committed to partnering with hospitals and physician practices in your Patient Access/Registration Departments to administer exceptional customer service satisfaction.

With an extensive background in planning and managing cross-functional business operations and technology projects, Dominique is a healthcare consultant with more than 16 years of professional experience in the healthcare sector. She is an analytical and conceptual thinker who effectively partners with clients to assess opportunities, facilitate strategic decisions, and drive successful implementations. The experience of the founders and the trained team of experts distinguish Howell Consulting Group from any other firms. HCG can work in any size facility ranging from 25 beds (CAH) to those that have 300+ beds. Consultants at HCG unite with other organizations and cultivate relationships to become a part of each hospital, department, and/or practice to create a “we all win” environment. Dominique believes this “we all win” approach impacts patients, organizations, and stakeholders.

Potential clients should strongly consider engaging HCG services because they would seamlessly integrate into facilities and become representatives of that facility.  With the founder previously being a Revenue Cycle Director, she understands the importance of patient satisfaction from the time a patient walks into your facility to the time a claim is billed and collected from the insurance payer/patient, and doing this in a timely and efficient manner is essential to the financial strength of the facility/organization. HCG’s key to success is listening to the needs of the client; Dominique also recommends their clients “to engage HCG to perform a gap analysis of their Patient Access Department and Patient Financial Services Department to identify opportunities for improvement.” HCG works with each organization to help improve processes and streamline day-to-day operations. The experts are ready and eager to help.

Howell Consulting Group works with hospitals, medical offices, medical professionals and clinics to improve and optimize revenue, patient services and a suite of implementations.  Contact us to set up a zero risk blanket assessment today! Request a Consultation →

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